About us

Our Mission

To deliver a community grassroots soccer program in Edmonton that focuses on the development of the players, low stress environment for parents and cost effective program.


Community Grassroots Soccer Academy is a coming together of community leagues to provide a low-cost yet impactful soccer experience for kids while fostering a culture of support and learning for our referees, coaches and parents to make soccer more enjoyable for everyone.

We believe that with the power of community, building a strong fundamental soccer program that is affordable and accessible to all kids will be a catalyst to rebuilding soccer in North Edmonton, and that the values our program hopes to instill in our players, coaches, parents and referees will build a stronger sense of community and fair play.


  • Run by Edmonton Community Leagues
    • McLeod Soccer
    • Hairsine Soccer
    • Steele Heights Soccer
    • Fraser Soccer
    • Homesteader Soccer
    • Kensington Soccer
    • Kilkenny Soccer
  • Reasonable and affordable participation fees.
  • Outdoor season starts at the beginning  of May and concludes at the end of July. Allowing for one game and one practice per week for each team.
  • Volunteer run program with community focused.
  • Smaller team rosters which allows for more playing time for each player.
  • Ability to participate in CGSA clinics for coaches and players.
  • CGSA programs are for all ages
  • Funding Available for families in need
  • Trained Coaches and Referees

Our Values

  • Accessibility – No child should be prevented from playing sports due to socio-economic reasons.
  • Respect – Every player, coach, referee, volunteer and parent will be treated respectfully.
  • Learning – Through engaging interactions we will teach kids the fundamentals of soccer in an enjoyable fashion.
  • Leadership – Build our future leaders through the power of sport.
  • Character – Role-model “doing what is right” rather than “doing what can I get away with”.
  • Empowerment – Enabling young participants building self-esteem, providing opportunity for leadership and enhancing health and well-being.