Can players from other communities join?

All players from any community in Edmonton will be accepted 

How do you keep the fees low?

The fees are low because this is a fully volunteer run program. The fees cover the cost of insurance, coach screening, coach training, equipment and any other operational cost to run the program.  

What levels of insurance are there?

The members communities provide insurance coverage for all registered members including players, coaches, volunteers and game officials.

Are the coaches screened?

Yes, security clearance with a vulnerable Sector Check is required for all coaches, assistant coaches, team managers.

Are the coaches qualified?

Yes. The member communities have been providing qualified coaches for years. Coaches are provided with both, technical and ethical training.

What is the refund policy?

Full money Refund up to the first game being played

Will I be able to get funding?

Yes, a number of organizations offer funding for sports. Community members also in some cases subsidies fees for certain community members through extra volunteer commitments.

What happens if there isn’t enough players?

With smaller roster sizes there will be enough teams to leave No player behind .

If a team folds where will my child play?

No Team will fold do to lack of players or coaches, but, even in rare cases if it happens, your child will be on a different team, either with a team from the same community, or a team from a member community.

Where will the games and practices be - will there be fields, gyms and indoor centers for my child to play at?

For the outdoor season, games and practices will be scheduled at the community rinks, the city fields and lined green spaces.

Who will referee?

Referees will be trained by certified referees for Free and will be nurtured and developed by Everyone involved in this New Soccer Endeavor.