2022/2023 Indoor Season

Hey CGSA players and families!

We are working hard on moving all of our information over to our new website and we appreciate you patience as we work to build our new site and switch our domain over. We cannot wait to have you for our 2022/2023 indoor season. Please see the homepage for how to register. 

Player Checklist

Before Leaving Home:

  • DO NOT leave home if you are feeling unwell or showing signs of COVID-19.
  • Check field closures
  • Eat before you come (no food at the field)
  • Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and warm water prior to leaving your home
  • Thoroughly wash water bottles with soap and warm water
  • Bring thoroughly washed/ sanitized equipment (Uniforms, socks, shin pads, gloves, soccer ball)
  • Use the washroom before you leave your home

Arrival at the field/Facility

  • Arrive fully dressed at the field as change rooms may be closed
  • Respect any social distancing guidelines that may be in place
  • Complete active symptom screening with your coach if in place
  • DO NOT share water bottles
  • Consider also bringing personal hand sanitizer
  • Follow any traffic flow or social distancing grids at your location

After activity/game is Complete

  • Exit promptly and if there are established exit guides follow those
  • Respect any social distancing guidelines that may be in place
  • Initially use hand sanitizer to disinfect hands
  • Sanitize shoes prior to removal
  • Thoroughly wash water bottle with soap and water
  • Thoroughly wash equipment (uniforms, socks, shin pads, personal ball, gloves)
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.